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👉 Educational English Riddle for Adults

Word mastermind app helps you to train your brain and expand your vocabulary by solving the word puzzles! By playing word mastermind game you will learn new English words and practice to recall words in a limited amount of time. It's riddles are abount english words of 3 to 7 letters long that is played with or without a guided play mode. We have worked hard to make sure you enjoy your time while improving your English and expanding your vocabulary! Mastermind word game has a library of more than 7500 carefully selected English words in addition to a thesaurus and a game play to make learning fun!


👉 Download Word Mastermind for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Scan or click the QR code to download word mastermind for FREE! It is available for iOS and Android platforms downloadable from App Store and Google Play. 

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👉Cool Features of Word Mastermind Puzzle Solver Game 

Word Mastermind game is similar to the classic code breaker, "Mastermind" but for words to increase the challenge. Word Mastermind is also called BULLS and COWS with words. Last but not least, it is all FREE! with every features unlocked by playing! To make sure you enjoy its puzzles and challenges fully, we made below features available to all. Keep in mind that even though the game is graphic rich, it is a game designed for adults as it is a relatively hard word searching puzzle game.

    ⭐Totally FREE! everything achievable by code breaking

    ⭐Available in single and multi player modes

    ⭐A wheel of furtune to win great rewards

    ⭐Simple to play. Find the secret word through code clues and win!

    ⭐Mastermind codes reveal the correct letters in right and wrong positions.

    ⭐Ability to play offline with no time limit - isn' t it awesome?

    ⭐Eight cool NEW geme modes

    ⭐Includes 3,4,5,6 and 7 letter puzzles and over 7000 carefully selected word puzzles

    ⭐Global Leader-board for best of the best!

    ⭐Educational yet cool puzzles

    ⭐Thesaurus to learn synonyms of the secret word

    ⭐Suitable for kids and adults to have fun and expand their vocabulary

    ⭐Start with 120 FREE stars t maximize the fun

👉 Graphic Rich Word Search Game Suitable for Adults

Word mastermind is a relatively hard word search game that is most sutable for adults. Its graphics have been carefully designed so parents and kids can enjoy the game together yet remember it is a riddle designed for grown ups at the end. Word mastermind aim was to redesign the classic game into a graphic rich new looks and game play to make it exciting word search game for your entertainment. We made sure that word mastermind has absorbed all the good essence of mastermind and bulls and cows games to build a word searching game deserving your time. Word mastermind is suitable for juniors as well as everyone else who enjoys a well designed word game. So if you are a trained mastermind or bulls and cows player of any age, prepare to have a whole new experience. If it is your first time playing, watch the demo and enjoy the game play, it has a lot of words and modes to seek for!

🥇 Code Breakers and Puzzle Masters Leaderboard

Depending on word mastermind game mode, our leaderboard ranks code breakers and puzzle masters. Top 50 players for each game mode are reported based on the level they have achieved, the time and number of guesses that took them to get there. There are some challenging competitions going on there globally that we think you might like to join and tease your brain with. Is your name going to appear among the top 50 best code breakers?

Live Leaderboard 👇

👉 Master Mind Word Game, See for Yourself!

Word Mastermind is the word version of the classic mastermind you love. This cool mind game is the modernised version of the vintage word mastermind game.

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👉 Word Mastermind Puzzle, Game Play

Word mastermind puzzles are about searching for a secret word through making educated guesses. It is a combination of word guessing games and mastermind. To guess the secret word, you should use the numbers provided and break their code! By each code you break, you gain experience and earn stars. As you become a more experienced code breaker, new entertaining modes and longer words will be unlocked, all for FREE!

✅Starting the game 

Word mastermind is also known as "bulls and cows, word puzzle". To crack the puzzle's code, you should search for the secret word through making educated guesses. The numbers provided by word mastermind assist you in doing so. 1 Green code means 1 right letter in a right position or 1 bull. 1 Orange code means 1 right letter in a wrong position or a cow. As you become a more experienced code breaker, you will free new Martians, unlock new entertaining game modes, get to break harder codes and all for FREE! Our brand new game modes will tease your mind and make sure you have fun! Game will start with the timer mode and guessing a 3 letters word. The number of right letters in correct positions is shown in the green corner cell, and the number of the letters in wrong positions in the red corner cell. These two codes educate your next guess. By each word you discover, you will earn 1 XP and 1 to 7 stars. You will use stars for hints and templates. There are some Note boxes to keep your confident guesses and an alphabet table for you or hints to grey out the letters that are not in the secret word. The help screen in the game board has all of these marked for you. Below in a few screenshots it is explained how to find the secret word!

word mastermind intro marking wrong letters min

First of all have in mind that the secret word is always meaningful but to find it, it is allowed to guess any word even if it has no meaning! To make scense of the codes provided for each word, you will need to compare them with each other. In this example you see 0-0 codes for "BUT", meaning that there are no "B", "U" or "T" in the secret word. Using these clues allow players to crack other codes. In this screenshot for instance it shows that whatever grade "LET" has received has nothing to do with "T", and whatever grade BEL has received has nothing to do with "B".

word mastermind intro marking right letters

Using the clues learnt from "BUT", allows players to interpret the marks for "LET" and "BEL", and conclude that they are for "LE" and "EL". The green grades suggests that one letter in "BEL" is in right position but no letter in "LET" is in right position. Given that "E" in both words is at the same position, green mark in "BEL" could not be coming from "E", otherwise "LET" should have earned one green mark too. Crossing "E" leaves us with "L". So now we have discovered the last letter of the secret word, it is "L". Last letter "L" clearly explains the reason for one yellow mark of "LET", since it "L" exists in the secret word but it is not the first letter.

word mastermind intro marking wrong letters2

Knowing that "L" is the last letter of secret word, explains everything in "FEL". It is already known that "E" is not in the secret word, and know it is learnt that "F" is also out.

word mastermind intro marking right letters2

Knowing that "L" is the last letter of secret word, explains one of the green marks. To explain the second, either "C" or "A" are in the secret word and its position is also correct. So next good guesses could be "PAL", it could either be the secret word itself or else will reveal another letter.

This game has four new and fun game modes you can play for free and many templates and difficulty levels for all puzzle lovers to enjoy. The more you search and succeed the more you unlock. 4-letter words will be unlocked at 10 XP, time trial mode at 30 XP, 5-letter words at 40 XP, guess trial at 50 XP and endless at 70 XP. You can choose the word length of your interest at settings when unlocked.

👉Game Modes:

Solo Mode

Search for the secret word through making educated guesses

timer game mode

✅THE BEGINNING: Fun Word Searching Puzzle Solver Mode to Expand your Vocabulary

This game mode is to train your brain for solving the puzzles of word master mind! This is a game mode for code breakers to warm up their minds for more challenging game modes. That being said, due to its relaxing game play, many of our users, like this mode the best. It is particularly a good game mode if you play the game with your child, they tend to like the animations and learn the words overtime. We had been very selective on the words the game picks to make sure they are all appropriate.

time trial game mode

✅TIME BATTLE: Awesome High Pace Word Searching Brain Teaser!

This fun game mode is all about speed. You should find the word as quickly as possible. This awesome game mode teases your brain to expand its vocabulary and to call them within the given time. To add to the fun, the higher your level, the less time you get, but any leftover time is carried over!

guess trial game mode

✅FROZEN TIME: Make educated guesses

This game mode is for those who like to take their time when playing, and are selective in guessing. The focus of this fun mode is to tease your mind to discover the secret word in the minimum number of guesses possible. When playing this relaxed game mode, you have a limited number of guesses to discover the secret word. You are given few guesses at the start of each level. As you progress through the levels, you get less number of guesses! But leftover guesses are carried over to the next level.

endless game mode

✅THE INFINITY: cool new game mode to challenge your mind!

With this fun mode there is no losing, you keep playing and keep progressing – how cool is playing this! By solving each puzzle you proceed to the next level, beat your global competitors, and will get longer words to guess. The goal is to find out how far you can compete with your global rivals before you give up! This game mode is the ultimate challenging version of the timer mode which is cool and fun in its own way.



                ✅Multiplayer Mode

                       Compete with friends and family in solving word puzzles 

endless game mode


At death match mode, the player who is finding the random secret word first wins.

endless game mode


At score match mode,the player earning the higher score wins.

endless game mode


At ping pong mode each player picks a secret word for the other player and the first one finding it wins.

endless game mode


Marathon is a mode at which players will play one of the above modes 3 or 5 times and any one who wins more rounds wins.



                ✅Robot Mode

                       Compete with robots in solving word puzzles 

endless game mode


At robomatch mode, the player who is finding the random secret word first wins.

endless game mode


At robomatch mode, Each correct letter earns you one score, two scores if it's placed correctly. Highest score is the winner.

endless game mode


At robomatch mode, pick a secret word for your opponent. First to find the secret word is the winner.

endless game mode


At robomatch mode, winner is the one with highest won rounds of the 3. 



                ✅Story Mode

                       Follow the map, take care of the clues and rescue the martians from monster 

endless game mode


Hey adventurous! this mode may fit you well. Experience random game modes and rescue the Martians.




🎹 A Modern Design, Unique Amongst All Word Mastermind Games

We have composed our own exclusive music for each game mode!

Game board templates suitable for playing by all:
    🞂 Colorful for young girls and boys
    🞂 Night mode for owls
    🞂 Templates for adults
    🞂 Free color vision deficiency template


🔒 Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously, so we record no personal data, there is an optional name in the game you can use for the global ranking. For this we suggest to use a name recognisable by you but not the others. Please see our Privacy Policy.