free Christmas word searching game to get your children involved, have fun together, and enjoy

This Christmas, play Word Mastermind at home with your kids!

In COVID19 madness, this Christmas nowhere is safer and cosier than home with our family. Word mastermind puzzle solver makes it possible for all family members to have fun in a 2 in 1 package. First of all, it is giving you, your family, and friends a game to train your brain in a joyful way, and second, to see your way on Mars we give you⭐ "MANY-STARS" ⭐as your Christmas gift. Just enter the promotional code and enjoy 200 shining stars!

 This Christmas, Santa has brought a free Christmas word search game!

In addition to the FREE game itself, this christmas we are holding a big event, including daily draws, wheel of fortune exceptional rewards, new themes, and more! We will have a star party and player of the week draws with 500 and 1000 stars giveaways on Christmas Eve. Only Download the word mastermind game, enjoy our Christmas "MANY-STARS" promotion, follow us on our social media, like our star party post, and join the draw. Winners will be announced on this page and on our social media on Christmas Eve at 12 PM.😊

  Are you looking for some new exciting family Christmas games?

Mastermind is one of the best choices to enjoy with your family as your Christmas crossword puzzle. It has cartoons for kids, robots for adults, a network for all, and on top of those, it is FREE! solving a crossword puzzle for christmas is a fun way to keep kids and families entertained and make the best out of our time together.

 These are changing times, but one thing that hasn't changed is the joy of Christmas party games!

Word mastermind puzzle solver in its Christmassy theme is a perfect word searching game to play in multiplayer mode and compete with family and friends. Get your children involved, have fun together, and enjoy Christmas! 😍

We wish you and your family the merriest Christmas ever, become the Master of Masterminds this holiday, compete globally, and make it to our top 50!💖

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