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Mental health skills building

The number of memory loss is increasing worldwide and unfortunately 2out of 3 people who are struggling with this disease are women.

DR Kesari, neurologist in Santa Monica, California, believe that the brain is actually like a muscle. You use it or you lose it. He also suggested that the more you use the different parts of your brain, you make a stronger connection between what’s being exercised and the parts of the brain responsible for those activities.

So if you concern about memory loss with age, you are not alone!!

In this article we are trying to share the possible ways to train your brain suggested by the recent researches.

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How to improve memory retention?

Daily activities and habits have a great impact on health of your brain and could potentially improve your cognitive skills and prevent memory loss. It is suggested that like your body, your mind needs an exercise and the more enjoyable the exercise the greater its impact.

So start learning, a new thing NOW. Learn a new musical instrument, a new recipe or a new word game.

Keep in mind that Sudoku, chess, bridge or the word games you love act as your brain trainers in addition to fun! Choose the activity that brings you more excitement and pleasure for much more positive effects.

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The possible impacts of gaming

Researches show, it’s not all the matter of age, but engaging in social activities (going to cinema, hang out with friends, play games in groups, solving a crossword puzzle or word games) always works!

One of the related articles that published in wall street journal briey shows the effects of crossword puzzles on brain, only if you keep playing regularly! An lukits (the author) claims that solving crosswords and other activities like that will improve the mental functions both in patients with brain damage or early dementia and boost verbal skills.

By solving crossword puzzles and word games you are trying to learn new words or remember the words that you are not using them regularly. By playing such games you write down new words and improve your vocabulary and guessing skills! This will help you to keep your brains functions level up and build a huge vocabulary knowledge step by step. It’s totally FREE with no risks, isn’t it great?

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