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Word Mastermind puzzle solver, gameplay

Word mastermind puzzles are about finding the secret words with letters through making educated guesses. It is a combination of word guessing games and mastermind. To guess the secret word, you should use the numbers provided and break their code! By each code you break, you gain experience and earn stars.

colorful bubbles containing letters

Starting the brain game

Word mastermind is also known as "bulls and cows, word puzzle". To crack the puzzle's code, you should search for the secret word. The numbers provided by word mastermind assist you in doing so. 1 Green code means 1 right letter in the right position or 1 bull. 1 Orange code means 1 right letter in a wrong position or a cow. As you become a more experienced code breaker, you will free new Martians, unlock new entertaining word game modes, and get to break harder codes and all for FREE! Mastermind puzzle solver new game modes will tease your mind and make sure you have fun! The game will start with the timer mode and guessing a 3 letters word. The number of right letters in the correct positions is shown in the green corner cell and the number of the letters in the wrong positions in the red corner cell. By each word you discover, you will earn 1 XP and 1 to 7 stars. You will use stars for hints and templates. There are some Note boxes to keep your confident guesses and an alphabet table for you or hints to grey out the letters that are not in the secret word. The help screen in the mastermind game board has all of these marked for you. Below is explained how to nd the secret word in a video!

The game Solo Mode


It is a combination of word guessing game and mastermind


Cool mastermind puzzle solver mode to train your brain

Enjoying a relaxed flow, this game mode is a good choice for you to start and perhaps stick with. The game starts with 3 letter secret words, trains your eyes with the color-coded clues, and proceeds to 7 letter words. With the beginning mode you can play at your pace, so it is both good for warming up for challenging your friends and exercising your brain in peace! Additionally, this mode of Word Mastermind is the most suitable word search game for kids who are learning new words. It is fun and cool, while educational! What more we want for our kids?! Interestingly, the beginning mode is one of our users' favorites. We had been very selective on the words the game picks to make sure that they are all appropriate which makes it popular between parents.

the beginning part


Awesome high pace word finder mode to tease your mind

Time battle will be unlocked as the second game mode and the challenge here is to crack the code in a limited time. Therefore, play dexterously and break the codes as quickly as possible. To add to the fun, the higher your level goes, the less time you will get. Leftover time in each level will be carried over to the next, so stay sharp, every second count throughout the game.

Mastermind secret words are discovered through the clues learned from each guess, however, in Time battle you will need your stars as much. By nding each secret word you will earn a few stars which you can spend on silver, golden, or emerald hints. Stars will be your saviors at high levels when you are running out of time, so collect as many stars as you can, it is good to have a pocket full of them! Time battle word search puzzlesare recommended to adults who are looking for a memory game to play daily

the time battle part


A breathtaking word search mode for patient code-breakers

At Mars' frozen mountains even time freezes! So keep in mind you are playing with your chances on rough frozen cliffs. Here every step and every guess is a big risk and so should be used wisely. Play here with your chances while you are perfectly alert and sharp.

In Frozen time mode, you have a limited number of chances to guess the secret word. Besides, as you climb through the levels, you will get a lower number of chances to succeed. However, as the name suggests, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of time when playing this mode. Thank you frozen mountains! You are so generous (lol).

The good thing about this mode is that your leftover chances to guess will be carried over to the next level. So play at your pace and guess smartly, optimize your word guessing strategy and discover the secret words by a minimum number of trials and errors if you want to survive longer!

the frozen time part


word guessing game mode for kids and adults

Are you looking for a game mode without losing? you have hit the nail on the head. The innity mode is an unlimited word nder challenge that has no failure rule!!!! keep playing to show how far you can compete with your global rivals before you give up!!!! by solving each puzzle earn several stars, proceed to the next level, beat your global competitors on the top 50 list, and get longer words to guess. can you imagine how cool it is???

the infinity part
The game Multiplayer Mode


Word guessing games when played in multiplayer are so fun as multi player modes enable players to compete with friends and family in their search to solve word puzzles.

the death match part


Call up your friends for a "word maker from letters" competition!

At Death Match mode, you and your opponent are searching for the same secret word and the game is all about who is nding it rst! Keep in mind all the clues you nd, is viewed by your opponent too and vise versa. So never underestimate your rival, the card may ip at any second, and remember to use your chances and clues wisely. Keep an eye on colourcodes, mix discovered letters from the best words and keep a note of the clues your opponent nds on your keyboard. Go for the secret word when you are condent, a too near guess could mean surrendering the game to the other player, don’t mix the wrong letters! Be vigilant and smart while enjoying the game.

the score match part


At score match mode, you experience a great deal of competition since players earn scores by each guess. Discovering the secret word awards the nder a bonus double score, but also, guessing each correct letter along the way earns the player a score. Here the player earning the higher score wins, so every guess counts. In this mode it is important to mix the letters with the highest chance of being in the secret word all the time! Luck has the minimum impact on the result as the player who has the best focus on the clues and mixes the most relevant letters for the words nearest to the secret word wins.

the ping pong part


Call up your friends for a "word maker from letters" competition!

To start, each player picks a secret word for the opponent, and the rst one nding it wins. Since players look for two different secret words, the colour-coding clues given to one player do not help the other and it is the challenge of this mode. Our professional players are the fan of ping pong mode to tease their minds and to challenge their active vocabulary in competition.

the marathon part


In Marathon mode, players will compete for three times in a row on one of the above modes and anyone who wins two out of three rounds pockets the stars. This mode aim is trying to eliminate the element of luck in a game and so the best one wins! At the nish line, players can view the meaning of all the three target words on the app's thesaurus.

The game Robot Mode


Compete with robots in solving word puzzles


Start the robot mode with Robo match to intimate with the smart robots. This mode is a kind of warm-up competition for code Breakers, who are interested in being more familiar with word mastermind's tournaments.

At Robomatch, the player tries to guess the secret word earlier than the robot to wins.

the robomatch part


Scorebot mode stimulates your sense of competition to nd the correct letters rst. The score of this mode marks based on guessing the correct letters of the puzzle. Each correct letter earns you one score and, you'll earn two if it's placed correctly. The highest score is the winner.

the scorebot part


In Robopong mode,players pick a secret word for the robot playing as their opponent. The rst who nds secret Words with givven letters wins.

This mode is one of the trickiest mind games, since in addition to nding the secret word players have to make the same hard for "mastermind puzzle solver Al" playing against them.

Just choose a tricky word for your Robot opponent, be smart in guessing and nd the secret word fast for a chance to win.

the robopong part


This is a dependent mode to test your skills in guessing the secret words of the word mastermind game.

In Robothon you can choose one of the Robot modes and compete in 3 times.

Try to guesses the target words quickly and win more rounds to defeat the robot.

the robothon part
The game Story Mode


Follow the map, take care of the clues, and rescue the Martians from the monster.

the story part


Feel adventurous! The story mode is exactly what you need. This mastermind puzzle solver mode is about the troubles of a Martian’s family.

While studying Mars surface, the research team nds a Martian kind in a quest to rescue his family from monsters. Follow the map, guess the words Martians are trying to tell you through the word search nder game, and rescue Martians by guessing the secret words and learning the story.