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Howdy code breakers!

Word Mastermind‘s control room has a new leader board functionality displaying the Top 50 loyal puzzle solvers. To draw your perfectionist attention and encourages your self-competition challenge, Mastermind game compares your records with the Top 50 if you are not yet. Buckle up; a tough competition is going on there!

To accomplish this mission, we recommend all serious Word Mastermind puzzle-solvers to follow these steps. It might sound like a piece of cake, but oh boy, It's not! Some boys and girls have managed to guess the secret words so quickly and in a number of guesses that blows your mind! How they did it, God knows, but we are sure the below procedure are the best tricks for mastermind word search solver :

- Word mastermind is a word maker with letters game, so to get ahead of the game start your daily word search with words having the maximum number of vowels like "ear" or "oat".

- Optimise your time. If you play “The beginning” or “Time battle” modes, keep guessing anything comes to your mind fast, don’t waste time.

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Bruno, Abi and Phil on champion stage

- Optimise the number of guesses in mastermind word guessing game. If you play “Frozen time” mode, use your guesses wisely, compare the clues and come up with a word closest to the secret word.

- Always follow the clues. Follow the colour-coded clues and the hints marked on your keyboard to find out the correct and incorrect letters.

- Practice, practice, practice, practice makes perfect!

- Try multiplayer; invite your friends to play, compete and practice, discover the codes hidden in words and enjoy the game together.

- To beat your friends on Multiplayer modes and gain higher ranks, practice with Robots.

- Take a break and rank in the “Brain Train” challenge any time you are lucky and win it in “wheel of fortune”

- and do not forget to focus on word mastermind secret words: have fun while playing the mastermind word relax game

It's interesting to say that majority of our top 50 puzzle solvers are girls, so if you are looking for a puzzle game for girls, Mastermind puzzle solver is the one.