Word Mastermind. Story of Monsters vs Martians Title

  Word Mastermind: Story of Monsters vs. Martians

Everything started on a boring night in the WMM space ship control room when scientists were exploring the galaxy in peace. Suddenly, they noticed a sign of life!!! Finally, a breakthrough was within their grasp. They were so eager to make contact with Martians and make history. The only way of communicating through such long-distance was projecting messages by light beams. But even that was limited by the number of letters the satellites could display. So, it was decided to begin with projecting "hey” through a state of the art AI that scientists called "Mastermind word search solver".

The first Martian that responded to them was a cute blue Martian. They called him Bruno, and boy, he was smart!! He responded to the words of many languages including English and he could even change the color of projected words!! He also was impressing different feelings to each projected word representing his response to it. He was a fantastic puzzle solver, a true mastermind!    

A night at Mars mastermind control room. Scientists are exploring Found a sign of life on Mars! Start communication with Martians using Mastermind puzzle solver AI Mastermind Puzzle Solver AI, starts with HEY, Martian colour codes the letters!

After hours of trial and error, scientists discovered that Bruno is color-coding letters of the words he is receiving to Red, Orange, and Green based on the target word he has in mind.
- green for the correct letters
orange for misplacing letters
- and red for incorrect letters
With these clues, scientists guessed several words back to back to find what is really going on.

Bruno start color-coding letters of the words he is receiving to help our scientist in word search solving the green color is for the correct letters! make some more word guesses the red color is for incorrect letters! great job, the secret word is almost there with Bruno clues, scientists finished the first step!


Through solving word mastermind puzzles, scientists learned that Bruno is the youngest member of a family of six, but they are all kidnapped by cruel Monsters. Bruno told the scientists his whereabouts hoping they could help him rescue his family.

Continuing their communication, Bruno points humans to a map near the rock with a complete overview of Mars. He had recorded the path he took to escape, so it meant following the path back could lead to his family, Genius! Knowing what was going on, convinced the WMM discovery group to start a rescue mission. After a few miles in Mars deserts in “the beginning” of the discovered map, they found Bruno’s sister, Aby. Aby was very frightened while running away from a Monster. After a quick brainstorm given the critical situation, scientists decided to scare the Monster off by using a satellite light beam. Scientists’ trick worked!! The control room was filled with joy, they had rescued Aby and rejoined her with her brother.

Bruno points word mastermind scientists to a map of Mars, but why? Aby, another sweet Martian, was frightened while running away from a Monster!  ready for a mission to rescue aby? scientists of word mastermind, scared the Monster with satellite!

But immediately, the fast and cruel Monsters chased the other ones. They were running too fast and they couldn’t set the satellite coordinates this time. Scientists were facing a serious challenge; they did not want to lose the tiny Martians so they sent drones to find out where they were going. They were heading towards Mars’ mountains. Following the monsters, scientists noticed something strange, the time started slowing down. Other monsters were trying to fight back by manipulating the time. But didn’t the time lords extinct in the time war? The control team cautiously approached the mountains knowing they are in a “Time Battle”, but they had to keep connected to the Martians!! Luckily they had the famous “word search solver AI” on their side.

Blocked by stone walls and away from family, Ed was cornered by a monster, unable to run or defend himself. Mars rescue group was also powerless as mountains were out of satellite reach. Hold on now! Bruno and Aby are fighting the Monster to rescue Ed. Unbelievable! These are just tiny kids.😉

Monsters chased the other ones & running for mastermind Martians! Ed was cornered by a monster, is that the end of word mastermind story? of course not! Bruno and Aby, cute mastermind Martians, are fighting to rescue Ed oh no, the rest of the monsters chased the two remaining Martians!

Rescuing two of his family, Bruno watched the monsters take the rest of his family to the “Frozen Caves”

Scientists' calculations showed that except Martian life forms everything freezes in Mars frozen caves, even time! After some extraordinary calculations and the hints Ed gave the control room through puzzles and mastermind game, scientists could identify the location of the captives and sent a satellite to break the ice around Monsters by a high-power beam. This idea worked and rescued one of the Martians.

Scientists' calculations showed that except word mastermind Martian life forms everything freezes in Mars trouble! hurry up we need to do something for Martians finally Ed gave the control room through word mastermind game the location of captives! the scientists, rescued another cute Martian with satellite powered beam !

The last in trouble was Martians’ mom. Pushed out of the caves and being sure of the security of her children, she was cornered on the edge of a cliff fighting the biggest Monster remaining.

Scientists thought that using a concentrated beam may raise enough dust to allow Martian mom to run away. It was very risky though as she was near an active and extremely unstable volcano. At the same time, the big monster could push her down the cliff any second so, they didn't waste time and took action.

 wait, where is mom? she was cornered with the biggest Monster the Scientists thought using another concentrated beam! but look at that volcano over there  it was so risky but they took action to rescue the Martian immediately  it worked! it seems that the joy is returning to word mastermind Martians!


Finally!! they are all safe now! Thanks to Earthlings, happiness returned to the Martian family. But wait, didn’t Bruno say they are a family of six? Where is their father? The Martians told the scientists that their father was captured and imprisoned a long time ago, and they don’t stand a chance to save him. The team decided they have to help them! But there are more than 7000 puzzles of 3,4,5,6 and 7 letter words to solve! Who knows what lies ahead! Certainly, they need someone to lead them! 😍

They created an elite team specialized in word finders with 7 letters and others for word finders in time battles and frozen time situations. But they need a commander!

Ready to lead our scientists’ elite teams to confront monsters and rescue Martians? We have elite teams of mastermind word game for kids and adults! Join word mastermind scientists, and challenge yourself with our word guessing game AI and compete with other commanders in the Top 50 commanders leaderboard! Download word mastermind for FREE!

the mastermind game control team prepared themselves to figure the rest of the story out the whole Martians family was together and thankful monsters have the Martian Dad captured and imprisoned! ready to help us in another mission?

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